Great Collaborations lead to Great Client Opportunities



Well, we attended the Big Social Media Conference on Thursday and Friday this week and what an event! Engaging speakers, thought-provoking content and an attendance list that was a ‘Who’s Who’ of forward-thinking businesses. From what I observed, there will be an awful lot of people working their way through notes and To Do lists in the coming days.

From our point of view, it was a staging point in our collaboration with Pro-Manchester. Earlier this year, we agreed to work closely and create a Smart Device portal for Pro-Manchester; the Pro-Manchester app. It was launched at the Big Social Media Conference and is being well received by the membership. Whether you are a member or not, download the app (promanchester desap is the best way to find it) and have a look at the events and content pushed through the portal.

What do we gain from our collaboration? Visibility,contacts, opportunities. As it says on the banner

Untitled-2 ‘The biggest business development group in the North West’

We are gaining visibility and this expanding into meetings and proposals; on the first morning of the Conference, we had arranged three follow-on meetings with high quality potential clients before 08:30. The conference didn’t start until 09:00.

And this will, we believe, continue. We want to build our Smart Device technology penetration into the professional services and media sectors and this is helping it to happen.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you, contact us through our feedback page on this site or contact me directly at