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Thursday November 14, 2019

An Ex-Apple Genius’ Review on iOS 13…

Published by Desap Enterprises

Control Centre

Within the updated Control Panel, you can press and hold on the icons and open up more options so you don’t have to go on Settings. For instance, when I press and hold on Bluetooth, it allows me to connect via my headphones or switch over the speakers instead of going through the lengthy process in settings.   

Swipe Keyboard

The Swipe Keyboard has surprised me amongst all the new additions and features in the iOS 13 update. We’ve had custom keyboards for a while now but now it’s natively integrated on all iPhones. I’m actually using it more than I thought I would. It’s responsive and convenient when needing to send a quick text! 

Silence Callers 

The silence callers feature is brilliant! So with this feature, any number that isn’t in your contacts will automatically go to voicemail. This saves you wasting your time with cold callers etc.

Dark Mode

Apple has introduced dark mode and it has been surprisingly useful. I love the aesthetics behind it and feel it fits in beautifully with apps such as Spotify, Netflix and YouTube. With dark mode, you no longer need to turn your brightness down in bed, significantly reducing the strain on your eyes and battery. This also helps calm the mind and has made it easier to unwind in the evening. 

PS4 Controller

With iOS 13, Apple allows me to connect my PS4 console controllers to my iPhone, iPad and even my Apple TV. With the release of Apple Arcade, having the ability to connect an actual controller really helps change the whole experience of having games on your mobile device for the better. It couldn’t be easier to connect!

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