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Thursday August 15, 2019

Developing New Healthcare Solutions

Published by Desap Enterprises

Every year over 250,000 patients undergo major surgery in England and Wales. These patients are 30% more likely to suffer lung problems, resulting in increased length in hospital stay and reduced life expectancy.

We have partnered with Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and TrusTech to develop the ERAS+ (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) app. The app helps patients prepare for major surgery and recover more effectively after the surgery.


The ERAS+ Programme

ERAS+ consists of a 6-step programme designed to prepare patients and their carers for every stage both pre and post-surgery and aims to help patients maximise their chances of a speedy recovery, minimising their hospital stay.

The major elements of ERAS+ include;

  • A range of activities to support patients through every stage of their journey. This includes cardiovascular activity, muscle strengthening, nutritional support and lifestyle advice
  • Respiratory bundles to reduce postoperative pulmonary complications (PPC) with the help of the chest training programme ICOUGH
  • A record of patient outcomes after surgery

The programme has proven to be very successful, with results including;

  • 50% reduction in PPC rates following surgery
  • An average reduction in length of hospital stay
  • Savings of at least £500,000 per year

Where the app comes in

Following the proven success of the ERAS+ programme, it was then time to take it to the next level and create an on-the-go app that provides patients with a 24/7 support, guidance and information platform with clear, attainable goals in the road to recovery.

We use Integrated Smart Device Technology (ISDT) to produce complete digital ecosystems. ISDT has proven successful with partners such as Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

Using this ecosystem, we designed a tailored solution for patients working alongside ERAS+ specialists. The app includes an integrated system for clinicians to send bespoke recovery programmes to their patients and monitor activity. The app sends daily reminders and a regular progress update report for patients to stay on track with their progress before and after surgery.

For more information on ERAS+, visit the website:

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