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Thursday November 28, 2019

Mindmassage Client Testimonial

Published by Desap Enterprises

We asked Alex Golombeck, the founder of Mindmassage what his experience has been so far working with us. Carry on reading to see what our client had to say…

How has your experience been working with us so far? What are the good points about us?

The team are all highly skilled with a variety of expertise. It’s beneficial to be able to sit around the table and meet everyone face to face who’s managing the different aspects on the project i.e. who’s doing design, project management, etc. You can make strong connections. 

I like that everyone working on the project is in-house and it’s good to see the work and effort in person. It helps to meet the relevant people because they teach you and explain the various elements that they are working on so you can understand why something functions and is built in a certain way. 

This has built rapport and trust and I now have faith that each phase of my app will be done (unlike the previous company who worked on MindMassage). 

I’m constantly travelling around the world and the time zones are never an issue. They are always available and willing to help whenever needed. I can send a text and have a reply with a solution in seconds. The team are always in a positive and uplifting mood whenever we meet and make you feel a part of the family. I’ve visited a lot of corporate offices where everyone is overly formerly so it’s nice to work with a company where the atmosphere is relaxed.

How did you feel when phase 1 was complete and your app went live?

The feeling was wonderful, and it was great to see it out there on the AppStore. It was like making my dream a reality.

What excites you about phase 2?

I can’t wait for the re-design and additions; it’s going to be even better! I’ll be able to take onboard all the user feedback and apply it to phase 2.

It’s great to see Mindmassage evolving and I’m learning a lot about apps along the way.

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