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Clients Team

Wednesday October 23, 2019

Say Hello To Desap Enterprises’s New Website

Published by Desap Enterprises

Welcome to one of our very first blog posts on our brand new website that we hope you love as much as we do.

After redesigning our website we are absolutely thrilled with the final result. We have gone for a completely new colour theme, redesigned our logo, tweaked some features and gone for something that really reflects our personality as a brand.

Our website may have been given a makeover but our values are still as strong as ever. We are still the same software design and development consultancy striving to give you the best of the best.

This is simply a new era for us that we are incredibly excited about and to celebrate this, we want to share a little bit about our journey so far…

When redesigning our website it was our clients that we had at the forefront of our vision. We undertook a review evaluating how we engage with our current and prospective clients and focussed on how we can improve their experience when using our website.

We worked long and hard to make our website different from competitors and to give clients what they want. 

Our goal is to have everyone who uses our website to understand quickly and clearly: who we are, what we do, how we do it and how we can help you. Now our new website is free of any jargon and tells you exactly what we specialise in and how we help businesses through the use of modern technology.

The new website comes at a time where we are rebranding our overall company presence. You will be seeing more blog posts, case studies and social media content from us.

If you’re not already following us you can catch us on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.