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Tuesday August 13, 2019

Understanding Big Data and Why It’s Important

Published by Desap Enterprises

Before writing this blog, I had no idea about what exactly Big Data was, and quite frankly I’m still a little baffled at the magnitude of it, but hopefully, this blog about the basics I found out will serve for the non-technical amongst you as a decent introduction…

What is “Big Data”?

The term “Big Data” has been around for years but only recently are we finally starting to understand it on a practical instead of a purely theoretical level. Hopefully, this blog will go some way to explaining the concept further and giving you an insight into some of the exciting work we are part of in this field. Big Data is the science / method of analysing, understanding and predicting human behaviour using huge volumes of unstructured data. The amount of data the ominous “big” title refers to is bigger than you can even imagine, billions and billions and billions of megabytes.

Sorting through this data (often referred to as “cleaning”) is a highly specialised job and takes a great deal of knowledge, skill and technology. This data is highly valuable and can be bought, however, new legislation such as GDPR is designed to protect individuals’ rights to privacy and rights to be forgotten as much as possible by putting much stricter regulations on the companies collecting, storing, buying and selling this data. It’ll come as no surprise to know that the market leaders of big data tools and new ideas are Google, Facebook, Amazon and Yahoo!

Why is it Important?

Big Data is successfully being used in fields such as counter-terrorism (monitoring various online trends and patterns, such as via social media, airline bookings and security data to name a few), officials are able to analyse information and narrow the field to predict and prevent suspected terrorist activity. Searching through all this data is referred to as “E- Discovery”.

Large scale corporates e.g. in the retail and food and beverage industry are using Big Data and its outputs to successfully deliver targeted marketing campaigns, sales and other promotions ensuring their offers are more tailored to their customers’ needs.

The possibilities for its use and application are endless and here, we work across being able to access, analyse and use these types of big data is invaluable to us.

Keep reading to find out more on some of our projects.

What does it mean for us and how are we a part of it?

Because we work across so many different industries and platforms, having the in-house specialists to delve into this big data and know what elements to use for each project and for what purpose they serve is key. We’ve created app’s which use geolocation services in the logistics sector and by enhancing the way we use this information we can ensure that drivers receive updates about all available jobs on their route ensuring maximum efficiency, an eco-friendlier approach by reducing their carbon footprint and overall better business outcomes in terms of performance and productivity. We’re currently working on an EU scale with other major players in the field of science, tech and fashion to create an entire eco-system supporting every element of the supply chain and ensuring a more sustainable approach to fashion manufacture and procurement. We are so proud to be working with leading healthcare pioneers to develop new medical device technology using big data to help patients with dysphagia in the NHS and beyond. Our specialised developers and electrical engineers have worked tirelessly to develop the latest cutting-edge technology to analyse radio frequencies and use the data outputs to generate patient related results.

All in all, Big Data is a Big Thing for our company!

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